The DAVinCI system is an IBM iDataPlex consisting of 2304 processor cores in 192 Westmere nodes (12 processor cores per node) at 2.83 GHz with 48 GB of RAM per node (4 GB per core).  All of the nodes are connected via QDR InfiniBand (40 Gb/s ) both to each other and to the GPFS fast scratch storage system.  Sixteen (16) of the nodes are equipped with NVIDIA Fermi GPGPUs.  This system is a hybrid system in that it incorporates HTC (high throughput computing) or “serial” jobs and tightly-coupled “parallel” (MPI) jobs along with General-Purpose Computing on Graphics Processing Units (GPGPU) and 3D stereo visualization.

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If you use DAVinCI to support your research activities, you are required to acknowledge (in publications, on your project web pages, …) the National Science Foundation grant that was used in part to fund the procurement of this system. An example acknowledgement that can be used follows. Feel free to modify wording for your specific needs but please keep the essential information:

This work was supported in part by the Data Analysis and Visualization Cyberinfrastructure funded by NSF under grant OCI-0959097 and Rice University.

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